Lorenzo Brea was raised in Ravenswood Houses in Long Island City, Queens. Raised in a union household, Lorenzo was engaged in politics at a young age. While attending public school, Lorenzo was an active organizer involved in anti-violence initiatives, criminal justice demonstrations, and nutrition education. He was a member of the Queens Youth Justice Council, where he and his peers participated in community planning processes to re-envision a more equitable neighborhood and a more just distribution of resources.


Lorenzo went on to serve as the Director of Community Affairs for a Brooklyn Council Member. He worked directly with frontline communities dealing with displacement and eviction, police brutality, domestic abuse, homelessness, mental illness, and immigration. He knows how the system works, and how it doesn't. 

 Lorenzo has a strong track record of holding the City accountable to its people. He has gone head-to-head with agencies denying services, navigated the complex shelter system to bring justice to those who have been abused by it, and helped families organize their neighbors to release loved ones detained by ICE. 

Over the last 15 years, the waterfront has been developed with luxury housing and commercial space, while the public housing Lorenzo grew up in crumbles just blocks away. Communities of color have been left behind in our fast developing neighborhoods. Working class tenants and homeowners are fighting against overdevelopment that is out-pricing and displacing us. Tireless organizing and prescient legislation are necessary answers to these issues and Lorenzo has the bold voice to make community-based solutions a reality. 


Throughout his life, Lorenzo has witnessed the polarizing injustice that threatens to tear communities apart. However the tides in Queens are turning. Lorenzo has been an outspoken advocate against overdevelopment and displacement in Sunnyside Yards, and the threats local industrial businesses face as a result of corporate greed. He has experienced first-hand the systemic political disenfranchisement of low-income communities of color -- and is now running to actively fight against it. 


His family has seen the hard times, and celebrated the good. His experience has taught him nuance, while strengthening his values. Lorenzo Brea is committed to his community and will be a bold voice in the City Council.